eAadhaar Password ?

Previously, eAadhaar Password was 6 digit postal Pin code so it was too easy to guess the pin code for aadhaar

But now, eAadhaar has different password first 4 digit of Name and Year of Birth

Now eAadhaar has 8 digit password, combination of Words and Numbers so it is hard to cract it's password.

Don't worry ! Our software is able to crack eAadhaar Password (Within few Seconds).

eAadhaar Password Recovery 2.0

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for supporting our software. We are constantly trying to provide you better service and craft software according to your needs. One thing that everyone has been asking was unlimited usage of software. So we are releasing some new pricing for software.

Pricing Table

Amount  License Count
Rate  Purchase
 Rs. 100
 20Rs. 5 Per License
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 Rs. 200
 50Rs. 4 Per License
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 Rs. 400
 125 Rs. 3.2 Per License
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 Rs. 1,000
 500 Rs. 2 Per License
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eAadhaar Password Recovery 2.0 Installation

It seems that many people are having problem activating the software. Don't worry I have tried best to keep things simple.

Firstly you need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Installed, if not just run the setup file it will be downloaded automatically.

Steps to Install the software

  1. First Download the software from link given below.
  2. run setup.exe file.
  3. Open Software Aadhaar Software Recovery.

Steps to Register the software

  • First Install Software.
  • Goto Licence  Manager Menu
  • Click Login
  • Enter Username and Password and then click Validate.
  • You will see the license Count in that Window
  • Then just close the application and open it again.
  • If You see license count 0, don't worry it will show up once you select the file
  • Happy Cracking eAadhaar Password.

How to Run Our Software.

  1. Open the Software.
  2. Click Select File Button.
  3. Then Click Find Button and Done!!!


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